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Joint stock company “Arevita” was founded in 1994.02.10. The main activities were security and fire alarm equipment sales and installation. A rapid and fast development of the company and the activity profile led to the need to reorganize the company into three separate companies: JSC "Arevita, JSC "Arevita and Ko" and JSC "Paradox DC. These companies form Arevita group.
JSC "Arevita and Ko" is one of the country's largest security systems importers and distributors. Equipment is imported from all over the world - from Japan to Canada. UAB "Paradox Distribution Center" activities are concentrated in Paradox Security Systems products exports. Company has representative offices in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.
JSC "Arevita" activitie - engineered systems for buildings. JSC Arevita is capable and reliable contractor, able to quickly and reliably design and install security systems, fire alarms, video surveillance systems, process control and automation systems, telephone-computer networks, access controls, electrical and lighting systems.
In 2010, using European Union structural funds, we expanded JSC "Arevita" activities by electronic equipment design and manufacture and also opened a research laboratory. The range of these activities enables a sustainable development of the electronics and electrical products adapting them to different engineering systems and the latest solutions. Company employs highly qualified young electronics engineers and programmers who can offer professional electronic devices design and manufacture services. We have registered two trademarks - LedSol and ParkSol. LedSol represents a modern and cost-efficient LED lighting systems while ParkSol represents highly innovative parking guidance system.
Our professional designers, programmers and supervisors using their experience can offer project ideas that will increase your productivity and innovativeness.



About us

For 21 years we design and install engineering systems.


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