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UAB Arevita company was founded in 1994.02.10 and developed from the very beginning by a professional and enthusiastic team of information technology specialists and engineers. The main activity was the sale and installation of the security systems. In 2010, using European Union structural funds, we expanded UAB Arevita activities by electronic equipment design and manufacture and also opened a research laboratory.
Today we are a group of five companies: UAB Arevita, UAB Arevita ir Ko, UAB Spectra Baltic, UAB Paradox Distribution Center, and UAB Parksol Technologies.
UAB Arevita team creates, projects, develops and installs intelligent solutions for building management, engineering networks. We are gaining a foothold in the world with Parksol parking guidance systems.
UAB Arevita ir KO manages and develops real estate.

UAB Spectra Baltic holds strong positions in the Lithuanian and Latvian markets as a wholesale and retail company offering the most advanced security and access, fire, video surveillance systems, etc.

The team of UAB Paradox Distribution Center is responsible for the wholesale of Paradox security systems in Eastern Europe and Asia. The company has representative offices in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

UAB Parksol Technologies is the latest of the Arevita group companies, founded in 2020. The company develops new and improves existing products and software for high-tech markets.

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UAB Arevita quality management, environmental protection, occupational safety, and health policy


Our vision is to be an engineering company that creates solutions for smart cities, providing high value-added products and services by employing proven and new electronic technologies.


In order to provide customers with innovative solutions and quality products, we constantly follow the global innovations of our industry, offering customers long-term, cost-effective and reliable solutions.


To be promising and competitive we aim to:

  • Constantly improve by analyzing the opinions, recommendations, and experiences of customers and partners
  • To raise the competence and qualification of employees in the professional field
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of quality (ISO 9001: 2015), environmental (ISO 14001: 2015), occupational safety, and health (ISO 45001: 2018) management systems by collecting, analyzing, and discussing the implementation of the set objectives
  • Implement accident and incident prevention measures
  • We are committed to the prevention of environmental pollution, to ensuring safe and environmentally sustainable workplaces.
  • To offer customers the latest technology.
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers whose approach to quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health, responsibility, and customer satisfaction coincides with our approach.
  • Introduce environmental awareness to employees through safe and responsible waste management.
  • To follow the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and other normative documents regulating the business branch, environmental protection, occupational safety, and health.
  • Rational use of energy and natural resources.
Confirmed by CEO Karolis Samušis in 2020-06-07

About us

For 27 years we design and install engineering systems.


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